Chemical AR Studying

Exploring a New Dimension to Education
The project of applying AR technology to simulate chemical experiments in education.

About the product

Chars is an acronym for Chemical AR Studying. This is software that applies AR technology to simulate chemical experiments in education. For the purpose of visualizing experiments, recognizing chemical phenomena vividly and clearly, chemical experiments can be observed in the textbook program but without the need for a laboratory. Thereby creating curiosity and interest for students in learning Chemistry. This is the cornerstone product of our team in applying AR technology to education.

The project "application of AR technology to simulate chemistry experiments in education" was created with the aim of:

  • Using AR technology helps learners to observe chemical reactions in the most realistic way, thereby being able to absorb knowledge more effectively and vividly, more attractively than just looking at theories and books.

  • Developing research and discovery skills through vivid descriptions of chemical reactions, helping learners to observe and evaluate themselves, thereby improving the quality of education.

  • With simple operation and compact design flashcards, learners can study anytime, anywhere. Convenient for self-study and knowledge acquisition.



Information of the substance

Basic information of substances (atomic mass, structure, symbol, ...).

Flashcard identification

Flashcard surface recognition displays a 3D stereoscopic model of the state of substances.

Perform virtual experiments

Visually perform 3D chemistry experiments, clearly showing chemical phenomena.

Choose chemical reaction conditions

The user can select the reaction conditions on the software (eg: molar ratio, environmental conditions,...).

Chars - Chemical AR Studying

The project of applying AR technology to simulate chemical experiments in education.








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Core member & Operator

Hoàng Long

Founder/ Manager

Project management

Hoài Nam

Head of R&D

Product Developer

Ngân Phan

Head of Marketing

Product design developer

Huy Hoàng

Head of Tech

Technology Developer

Hải Phương

Content Developer

Sáng tạo nội dung

Phạm Ngọc


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  • Cheap
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  • Organic chemistry experiments
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Chars plus


  • Plastic flashcards
  • Flashcard identification
  • Flashcard showing basic information of substances
  • Changing chemical reaction conditions
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  • Organic chemistry experiments
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